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009 | Top 8 Crowdfunding Controversies

PLEASE Donate to our GoFundMe so that we can have a cheap wedding and maybe a honeymoon in another state! Not only can we find the deep truth in History, Science, and other cool stuff, we can do it in 1 minute. Youtube Podcast Archive. For more 1-Minute History Click Here.
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For ten-years i was celibate. Not a choice of mine. I was just very lonely. This loneliness had some very sad effects. First, I became fine with it. So, for ten-years I had accepted that I would never: have a companion, fall in love, have someone love me, have a child of my own to love, or live with a person that I adore for the rest of my days. That all has changed. When Andria came along 4-years-ago, there were many things holding us apart: the age difference, some family members, psychological barriers and scars that we both had. But now, as I type this i am crying because we have clearly overcome those things together. Our connection and love for each other was so vastly superior to those challenges. There is one hurdle that we cannot control, no matter how hard we try, and that is our shitty poverty. So please, remember or try to imagine what it is like for a couple at this point in life and how difficult it may have been for you and donate. Please donate now! LINK IN @cassanaya bio ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽
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