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010 | Donald Trump

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The style of the Documentary was inspired by the great Adam Curtis film, "all of us have become Richard Nixon"
Crank Lucas "F*ck Trump and F*ck carrots"
Trump "Listen you mother f*ckers"
Trump "You're not going to raise that f*cking price"
Trump in Debates on Healthcare and his excuse for Democratic donations

Ivanka Profile
2009 Poll 58% of GOP not sure/doubt Obama born in USA
Trump Quits Grand Old Party for New

Trump gold plated sink
Nerdwriters Fantastic analysis of Trump grammar
1988 Trump interviewed by Larry King
1980 Trump on public service
1990 Connie Chung personal profile of Trump

2000 Polls show Gore could lose popular vote
Trumps bizarre voting history
Trump on the iraq war
Interesting montage from Republican Anti-Trump PAC
How Republicans automatically attack Obama

Fascism: Trump incitement to violence
Colbert talks about how Trump is his old character
Meltdown Documentary
Condeleezza Rice testimony about Bin Laden PDB
Bush warrentless wiretapping

Goodwill immediately after 9/11
Colin Powell regrets having to do this testimony before the UN
U.S. Military Admits Major Mistakes in Iraq and Afghanistan
Gas Prices

Torture Memos
Why did Abu Ghraib get so bad? Phillip Zimbardo and the psychology of evil
Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) is force fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure (WARNING GRAPHIC)
Grover Norquist
People who hate Obama for existing

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by 1 minute history are to express a theory and are therefore pure conjecture. Short of Donald Trump admitting that this theory is true, you should base no political decisions on this or consider it advice or the possible truth. For now, you must accept that Donald Trump truly believes the dumb shit that comes out of his mouth.

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