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Frequently Asked Questions were asked of Cass Anaya. These are his responses verbatim.
  1. Who runs MinuteHistory?
    • I, Cass Anaya am the host of the video series on youtube. But I do get alot of help from many people including Ty Anaya and Quinn Anaya.
  2. So what makes you an authority on history?
    • I have two research degrees, Political Science and Philosophy. But I am trying to utilize a comedians take on history.
  3. What Ethnicity are you?
    • Some kind of brown.
    • Why are you doing this?
      • One of my benchmark principles is to be smarter than you were the day before. This helps others to easily accomplish that.
    • Do you care nothing for our child?
      • I don't have children. Who is asking this?
    • What is your favorite band?
      • Probably the Beatles.
    • What is the air-speed velocity of an unlaiden Swallow?
      • What do you mean? African or European?
      • Who is your favorite Beatle?
        • Paul
        • What is your favorite Beetle?
          • I don't like bugs.
        • Why didn't you call?
          • What? Who am I supposed to call?
        • Who are we?
          • This is a frequently asked question?
        • Why are we here?
          • Talking right now? Is that what you are asking?
        • What is the meaning of life?
          • Oh, is that what this is about? Okay, there is no meaning to life. Other than what we make of it.
        • Where's the nearest Walmart?
        • Give me one word that describes Sarasota, Florida?
          • Balmy.
        • How do you make Banana bread?
        • How much does this cost?
          • I don't know what the fuck you're talking about!
        • Did Bush do 9/11?
          • Ohhhhh, my god! I'm no fan of his but he certainly had nothing to do with it.
            Please don't be dumb!
        • When is Hallie's Comet coming back?
        • What is your Wifi password?
          • Isn't that a bit personal?
        • George W. Bush, great President or greatest President?
          • Neither. But he still didn't do 9/11!
        • How are you?
          • I'm fine...
        • How's your mom?
          • She's fine.
        • How's the weather?
          • just fine.
        • Did you see the game last night?
          • I don't watch sports.
        • Where's the nearest Bathroom?
        • Capital of Vermont?
          • Montpelier
        • Do you like to describe what happened to you as 'molestation' or 'raping'?
          • Okay, that is way more personal than the Wifi password question.
        • What does your name say on your birth certificate? Because, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
          • That's funny.
        • I'm hungry...
          • Then eat. This isn't even a question.
        • Give me all the good things about Pearl Harbor, the movie and the event.
          • Literally nothing!
        • When was the last time you cried?
          • I actually keep a cry journal.
        • When was the last time you masturbated?
          • Let me look in my cry journal...
        • Why do you insist that the Holocaust is real?
          • It is REAL you dumb fuck!
        • What's your opinion of the Higgs-Boson Large Hadron Collider?
          • It's good.
        • How does water work? In 1 sentence.
          • Well there are 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom and all life that we know of uses water as a solvent.
          • Was that really the last question?

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